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With extensive experience in the design and construction of custom designed homes and units throughout Melbourne, Harbour Homes is a family operated building specialist who you should consider when undertaking your next building project. Whether you are at the initial stages of your development or you have your plans in place, Harbour Homes would be pleased to talk to you, with absolutely no obligation to use our services.

Having been involved in domestic construction in Melbourne for over thirty years, principal Frank Weber enjoys nothing more than giving the benefit of his vast knowledge to those who can benefit from it. After all, building a new home is not only a large financial commitment but also an emotional experience that relies on others to see you through to the end of the project – and then some.


Forming a relationship with a builder who is knowledgeable, trustworthy and competent takes time, as does the building process itself.

Harbour Homes can take the pain out of the building process as we are a start to finish building company, helping clients from concept to completion – and we will still be there for you when you are living in your dream dwelling.

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