Design and Development

Harbour Homes is pleased to assist our clients with all aspects of designing their desired home – from initial ‘raw’ ideas through to final plans.

Project Management

We understand that some clients prefer to maintain a level of control over their project and the contractors used and simply require someone to come in and manage the project to ensure that quality control is maintained and that the project keeps moving along at a timely pace. Harbour Homes is happy to provide this type of service and where required are able to recommend tradespeople to our clients for consideration.

New Homes

Building a client a new home that not only suits their lifestyle but is completed within budget and on time is very important. At Harbour Homes we work closely with our clients throughout the building project so that they are always fully informed of the project’s progress.

Dual Occupancy

Dual occupancy projects can at times be difficult due to a multitude of different reasons. At Harbour Homes we believe that ‘everything is do-able’ – the problem just needs to be tackled logically and carefully. No matter what your requirement or how difficult you believe the job may be, at Harbour Homes we would only be too pleased to work through the issues with you to complete your project to your requirements.

Unit Development

Multi unit developments are a speciality of Harbour Homes. We understand that as a developer you require your project to be delivered on time and within budget constraints and we endeavour to work closely with the developer to achieve this desired outcome.
Registered Builder

Master Builder

Green Living